Millrace Nursing Home Ethos

Our professional teams provide each resident with a friendly caring home from home environment. We respect the resident’s rights to self-determination, individuality and privacy. Our care teams ensure that those rights are protected and that residents are assisted in meeting their personal needs.

Millrace Nursing Home’s success is about the people who work with commitment and care for those who living in the Nursing Home. We spend a great deal of time and care selecting the right person for the position within the nursing home. We also invest heavily in training and development of the individuals on a personal and professional level.

Person Centred Care

Millrace Nursing Home residential care facility is designed to recognise older people’s ongoing right to home and connectedness to their family and community. This move away from hospital-like facilities requires a change in practice and development of new skill sets for all staff working in the facilities.

The core principles of the Service are:

– The residential care facility is each person’s home.

– The people who live here direct their own lives individually and collectively.

– The people who live here are served by highly valued, decentralised, self -managed teams that have responsibility and authority.

– All systems, including treatments, exist to support and serve the residents within the context of their life pursuits.

– The residents direct their own lives through a responsive, highly valued and decentralised self-led team that is supported by values-driven leadership philosophies, practices, policies and systems.

Our Aims

Our objective at Millrace Nursing Home is to create a place where older people can live comfortably and receive services they require. The aim of the Service is to facilitate resident directed care supported by self-managed teams, in order to allow older people to receive ongoing care services as required, in a setting which allows them to live to their fullest, enjoying multiple social, psychological and spiritual aspects of life and meaningful connections with others. Residents make most choices about their daily routines. These choices range from when to get up, to what to wear, what activities they wish to be involved in, and how they want to participate in the management of their own health.

To help us function as a true community in which everyone’s contribution is recognised and valued, all residents (including those with cognitive impairment), their families and staff members have the opportunity to be involved in the decisions that affect them, to the extent that they wish to be involved.

The transition to residential care can be a traumatic time for older people. To meet individual needs, a range of approaches are used to make the transition to care as smooth as possible.

There is a major emphasis on Activity Focused Care. This approach means that meaningful activity is to be found in everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, bathing etc. The normal routines of daily life are considered part of the activity programme. Activities should not always consist of leisure or entertainment opportunities; the most effective activities often involve everyday tasks and involve a person’s everyday occupations and feelings of self-worth.

Millrace Nursing Home offers each resident an opportunity to create a home like environment, where residents are encouraged to bring in personal items to make their rooms as homely as possible. Sitting and other communal areas are personalised to create a feeling of home.

Quality of care is considered within the context of quality of life. Consequently, the philosophies, strategies, everyday ways of working and improvements take into account person-by-person acknowledgement of the priorities of individual residents. Evaluation of quality of care should also acknowledge that the broad range of stakeholders in care homes bring their distinct insights.

Our Service Objectives

The needs and wishes of residents will be fully taken into account through their involvement in making service decisions. The main objective in Millrace Nursing Home is to ensure the continued delivery of high quality, consistent person-centred care to all residents. The needs and wishes of residents will be fully taken into account.

This will be achieved by:

  • Adherence to best practice policies

  • Continued recruitment of highly skilled professionals

  • Continual training of staff

  • Regular performance review of the Unit

  • Being receptive to feedback from residents and relatives/visitors

In addition to the quality of care, we will also pay particular attention to:

  • Tailor made activity and person-centred care plans based on the abilities and requirements of our residents. Residents are encouraged to be actively involved in their care planning and family involvement is also welcomed with the resident’s consent.

  • Interesting and varied menus – Nutrition and quality of food is such an important aspect of life in care. Our qualified chef takes a real interest in the dishes, and regular reviews and improvements will be made to the menus depending on each individual’s requirements. Residents are provided with a choice at each meal, and if the options are not to your taste or preference, staff will facilitate an alternative of your choosing where possible. A two-weekly rotational menu which has been nutritionally analysed, is in place in the nursing home and offers varied nutritionally balanced choices at each meal time. This menu is also directed by resident preferences, through consultation on an ongoing basis, and from feedback requested at resident meetings.

  • Involvement with the local community is vital – we encourage and promote visits from local artists, schools, etc.