Confidence in our ability/Summary of Complaints Procedure

Millrace Nursing Home strives to provide a high-quality service to all residents. There is a structured process for receiving and acting upon comments, compliments and complaints. This process is open, honest and strictly confidential and we would urge you to direct your comments to the Director of Nursing in the first instance.
We encourage family participation in your care and therefore welcome comments from anyone acting on a resident’s behalf. We will of course check that they have your permission.
We are interested in your feedback to ensure that our service is continually reviewed and refined in line with best practice and resident choice. There are a number of ways in which you can share your views/ participate in the consultation process.
We take all comments seriously and will aim to respond to your query as soon as possible. If you are not satisfied with your initial response, then you may contact our Director of Nursing on 090 9646120

Complaints Procedure

Millrace Nursing Home welcomes all comments, complaints and compliments.

    Informal Complaint

  1. Speak informally to any member of staff and outline your concerns.
  2. Should your concerns not be resolved to your satisfaction speak with the Director of Nursing, Asha Ratheesh.

    Formal Complaint

  1. If a person wishes to make a formal complaint they can do so verbally or in writing to the Director of Nursing, Asha Ratheesh. Where the complaint is verbal, it is documented by the staff member receiving the complaint and forwarded to the Director of Nursing.
  2. The written communication should include the following information: –
    • An outline of the complaint
    • Date, Time and Place (if appropriate) of the incident
    • The name of person(s) involved in or witness to the incident (if appropriate)
  3. Complaints will be acknowledged within five working days from receipt of complaint.
  4. A full investigation will take place within 30 working days resulting in a written report. In the event of a longer investigation a progress report will be communicated to the complainant within thirty working days with an update given every 20 working days, with the reason for the delay.
  5. The nominated person who will ensure that complaints are managed in a timely fashion as stated in the policy is the Director of Nursing – Asha Ratheesh
  6. A person making a complaint may take advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau Tel: 01 6059000 or Age Action Ireland Tel: 01 4756011
  7. Executive Review:

  8. If at this point the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, the complainant can seek an Executive Review of the complaint within 30 working days from Jackie Burgess – Director of Operations- 0214354910
  9. Independent Appeals Review:

  10. If the complaint remains unresolved an Independent Appeals Review of the complaint can be sought. A mutually agreed expert from a panel consisting of experts in Gerontology, Nursing and the Legal Profession will be selected to conduct the review and findings will be issued within 3 months.
  11. Please contact CHS, Independent Appeals Review, for details on how to proceed at this point.
    Contact Details:
    Kathleen Croffy
    Co Galway
    090 9644772
  12. Following receipt of the decision on the complaint, the complainant may then choose to contact the Office of the Ombudsman if they remain unhappy with the outcome. The contact details are as follows:
    18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2
    Phone: LoCall 1890 22 30 30 or (01) 6395600

    You can also make a complaint online using the online complaint form

    Person in Charge: Asha Ratheesh